Bulletin #18 20180122

# Началось в колхозе утро, точнее - В давосе форум...
# Найк перейдет к 2025 года полностью на ВИЭ. ( на самом деле это просто прямые контракты на перевыкуп с производителями)
# Норвежцы запускают программу привлечения технохипстеров, также есть какое то бурбуление по поводу брекзита, похоже Норвегия тоже может выскочить из как там пишут European Economic Area , переговоры с Трампом запустили кое какие процессы... Все вокруг - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical.
# Америкосы забеспокоились насчет урана uranium from state-owned and state-subsidized companies in Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan fill nearly 40% of US demand while domestic production meets less than 5%. , бгг. Причем альтернатива у них не сильно лучше ...The petition also noted China is in the process of becoming a major uranium supplier with its investments in mines in Kazakhstan, Namibia and elsewhere... Сравнивают с ситуацией вокруг поставок газа на Украину. Мда, если помните говорил про тему с "кровавыми минералами"?
# Нидерланды опубликовали отчет как они будут дополнять оффшорную энергетику водородной. power-2-gas и все такое. “While the costs of energy in the North Sea are enormous, the financial and social returns on investment are also very large’, says chief economist Jan Willem Velthuijsen of PwC. “According to our modelling, the hydrogen future in 2030 would require capex investments in the order of €5-7.5 billion up to 2030 and in the order of €27-37 billion up to 2050. The majority of this investment is in electrolysis capacity. The resulting amount of energy would be sufficient to cover around 12.5% of the energy demand in North Sea countries’ industrial sectors in 2050.”
# Лукойл вваливает 30 миллионов долларов в свою румынскую дочку. Вобще юговосточная европа им достаточно серьезно освоена: В одной Румынии - The LUKOIL Group is also present in Romania in the fuel distribution sector through LUKOIL Romania, with over 300 filling stations, in offshore exploration and production, through LUKOIL Overseas, and in the production and distribution of lubricants through LUKOIL Lubricants.
# Норвежцы собираются конкурировать с Россией в Арктике - интересно у 5 миллионой норвегии профукавшей свой пенсионный газовый фонд пупок не развяжется?
# Китайская CNPCC открыла свой офис в Румынии.

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 20180122 Norway: We Must Prepare for Arctic Oil Race with Russia

Ист.: WorldEnergyNews

Norway must identify potential offshore oil and gas reserves near its northern maritime border with Russia to better protect its economic interest in the remote Arctic region, energy minister Terje Soeviknes said on Wednesday. The two countries agreed in 2010 to split previously disputed areas of the Barents Sea between them, allowing each to exploit res...
Мета: Norway, Arctic region, Terje Soeviknes, The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Темы: Энергетика, Транснацики, Война, Россия,


Ист.: EnergyObserver

Petrotel LUKOIL announces new investments in their refinery in Ploiesti, over 30 million dollars by 2020, for improving environmental footprint. USD 7 million are earmarked for the modernization of the coking plant and nearly USD 26 million for the construction of a new sulfur recovery complex, which will lead to zero sulfur oxides emissions. After decad...
Мета: LUKOIL, Romania, Темы: Энергетика,

 20180122 Hydrogen is key to unlocking the full offshore wind potential of the North Sea

Ист.: World Energy Consul

The North Sea will play a crucial role in the energy transition of North West Europe, once again, according to a new report by the Netherlands member committee of the World Energy Council. The call for clean energy in Europe is increasing, and the North Sea will be crucial in the search for efficient routes that enable the large scale energy transition re...
Мета: North West Europe, World Energy Council, Paris Agreement, Hydrogen, power-to-gas, Темы: Энергетика, Будущее,

 20180122 Two US uranium producers seek probe of imports, relief for domestic industry

Ист.: Platts

Two Colorado-based uranium producers on Tuesday jointly asked the US Department of Commerce to investigate uranium imports that they said threaten national security, saying uranium from state-owned and state-subsidized companies in Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan fill nearly 40% of US demand while domestic production meets less than 5%. "The domestic ur...
Мета: uranium, US Department of Commerce, Energy Fuels, Ur-Energy, Donald Trump, Темы: Энергетика, Транснацики, Война, Будущее, Россия,