Bulletin #16 20180116

# В китае скакнули цены на LNG.
А что это там за соглашение между Трампом и Кси ?
...The rising demand has prompted state oil companies to look overseas for new gas sources. Sinopec will take the lead in exploration of liquified natural gas (LNG) in Alaska, according to a deal signed during U.S. President Donald Trump's visit to China last year...

# Брекзит ставит вопрос об участии Объединенного Королевства в европейском энергорынке. На самом деле все эти "рынки" из под палки просто ненавидят. 

Интересно. Не знал что один из интерконнектор - Англия-ЕС строят украинцы:
One of the proposed Anglo-French interconnectors is being developed by a company called Aquind, whose investors include Alexander Temerko, a Ukrainian-born British industrialist and large Conservative party donor.

# Еврокомиссары открыли публичное обсуждение своего бюджета после 2020 года.
Стоит отметить очень жирный бюджет.

# Европа по мнению экспердов обгоняет США по вероятной дате сравнения
цен ээ от своей генерации и из розетки.
It is estimated that it will cost the same to self-generate and store power as it will to buy from an energy provider by 2022 in Europe and as soon as 2021 in Oceania. The findings project that US markets will take much longer to reach off-grid parity, and as late as 2042 in the Southeast region, where the energy sector is complex and highly regionalized.
Правда возникает вопрос, не слишком ли дорогая цена в EU (в т.ч. за счет субсидий). 

# У зеленых снова праздник - в Словении разыграли 98 МВт в 93 проектах.
ключевая фраза в тендере 
...The costs of the subsidies are passed to end-consumers in Slovenia...

По поводу Александра Темерко имеет смысл подробнее почитать - ЖЗЛ многое проясняет и в текущей "политике".

В метаданных министерство правды точнее "национальное бюро статистики Китая". 



Ист.: EnergyObserver

The total value of funds under this tendering procedure was EUR 10 million. Wind farms dominated the list of selected projects. In total 240 applications were submitted with the installed capacity of 195 MW while 93 projects were selected, with an installed capacity of 98 MW. The next tender will be issued by the Agency in February 2018. Public invitat...
Мета: Slovenia, Ministry of Infrastructure, Темы: Энергетика,

 20180116 Europe to reach off-grid energy parity up to 20 years ahead of the US

Ист.: ErnstYoung

urope set to hit off-grid parity by 2022; some US states could take until 2042 Electric vehicles to become a mainstream option by 2025 across all markets US$67b annually at risk from distributed solar generation in Europe by 2050 It is estimated that it will cost the same to self-generate and store power as it will to buy from an energy provider...
Мета: Benoit Laclau, EY Global Power & Utilities, Темы: Энергетика, Будущее,

 20180116 launch of the public consultation on the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework

Ист.: European Comission Energy

To enhance the openness and transparency of the EU decision-making process, the European Commission regularly consults citizens and other groups with an interest in EU policies through public consultations and structured dialogues. During 2018, the Commission will make comprehensive proposals for the next generation of financial programmes for the post-20...
Мета: European Commission, Multiannual Financial Framework, Темы: Транснацики,

 20180116 Our friends electric: interconnection and Brexit

Ист.: Financial Times - UK

When French president Emmanuel Macron holds talks with UK prime minister Theresa May on Thursday, the future of Anglo-French trade after Brexit will be high on the agenda. To most people, that conjures images of boats and trains ferrying physical goods across the English Channel. Less obvious, but arguably just as important, are the electrons transmitted ...
Мета: Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May, Simon Virley, KPMG, UK energy department, Aquind, Alexander Temerko, Michael Fallon, Темы: Энергетика, Транснацики,

 20180116 Chinas liquefied natural gas price slumps in Jan

Ист.: Xinhua

BEIJING, Jan. 15 (Xinhua) -- The price of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in China saw sharp decline at the beginning of January. In the first ten days of January, the price of LNG stood at 5,613.6 yuan (about 869 U.S. dollars) per tonne, a slump of 22.6-percent compared with the end of December, data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed Monday. T...
Мета: LNG, China, National Bureau of Statistics , China National Petroleum Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, National Development and Reform Commission, Donald Trump, Темы: Энергетика, Транснацики,