Bulletin #17 20180119

# PWC выпустил прогноз по машинам
novel sharing concepts, the stock of cars could fall from 280 to 200 million in Europe and 270 to 212 million in the United States. China, in contrast, is expected to see its vehicle inventory rise to 280 million vehicles in 2030, up from 180 million today
в европе и сша автопарк упадет, в китае вырастет объясняют мол это из-за sharing'а, а я думаю банальное обнищание среднего класса

# Китайцы с Арабами строят в Египте  солнечные электростанции (165МВт). В прошлом году Азиатский инфраструктурный банк 
выдал оному кредит на 210 миллионов долларов под ВИЭ.

# Полная соплей и боли статья в форбсе про то  как китайцы захватывают американский рынок солнечных панелей
Chinese manufactures aren’t just stealing American jobs or driving U.S. firms into bankruptcy and then buying them, they are using our own research and development to do it. The fundamentals of solar cell and module technology were developed at U.S. institutions with a lot of American tax dollars. It’s easy for Chinese firms to manufacture and sell cheap because they have had virtually no development costs
Мол у них нет затрат на "разработк" технологий.

# Немцы переписывают сербский ресурсы.
The project’s total value is EUR 2.1 million: 90% is financed by the European Union and 10% by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The project is implemented by a consortium of German companies PLEJADES and DMT
на самом деле у братушек мало шансов против еврорейха

# Итальянцы из ENi развернули рядом с Миланом мощнейщий в мире супер компьютер для обработки  данных по разведке месторождений.
The state-controlled firm has invested heavily in high-powered computing to give it an edge over rivals in exploration and get its resources to market faster.
На итальянцев вобще стоит обратить внимание - страна практически без своих ресурсов, действуют очень агрессивно своими "стейт контроллед" фирмами по всему миру. Впрочем у нас их сейчас скорее всего вынесут.


 20180119 ACWA Power

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 20180119 DMT

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 20180119 Eni Boots up Worlds Biggest Industrial Supercomputer

Ист.: WorldEnergyNews

Italian oil and gas group Eni said on Thursday it had installed new capacity at its supercomputing centre near Milan to create the world"s most powerful industrial computer. The new capacity quadruples the group"s computing power, allowing it to process up to 22.4 quadrillion operations per second, the company said. "In our industry it is increasingl...
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Ист.: EnergyObserver

he Cadastre of Mining Waste in the Republic of Serbia is a technical assistance project that The Ministry of Mining and Energy (MoME) has been implemented in partnership with the European Union (EU) since February 2017. The goal of this 3 year long project is to further develop and improve the mining waste management system in Serbia by creating a cadastre o...
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 20180119 America Need Not Remain Solar Powerless In The Face Of Trade Abuse

Ист.: Forbes Energy

The battle over Solar Panel tariffs has heated up significantly since my Forbes piece of January 4th. In that post, I urged the Administration to consider the outrageous theft of American funded R&D when deciding what action to take in response to a unanimous finding by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) that Chinese manufactures conspired to dum...
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 20180119 Saudi and Chinese businesses join forces on Egyptian solar projects

Ист.: CNBC

Saudi Arabia"s ACWA Power has awarded an engineering, procurement and construction contract to China"s Chint Group for three solar photovoltaic power plants in southern Egypt. ACWA Power, which develops both power and water desalination projects, said that the total investment value of the projects was $190 million, and that they would have a total capaci...
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 20180119 By 2030, the transport sector will require 138 million fewer cars in Europe and the US

Ист.: PWC

ehicle stock in China expected to increase by almost 50% In 2030, more than one in three kilometres driven will be ‘shared’ 40% of the mileage driven could be done in autonomous vehicles in 2030 Personal mileage could rise by 23% in Europe, 24% in the US and 183% in China 55% of cars set to be electric in 2030 The automotive market...
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