Bulletin #4 20171218

Китайцы решили повторить "успех" тесловской пирамиды и "анонсировали" убийцу теслы в Китае, оная там стоит 130 тысяч, убийца 70, бгг. 

Падение спроса на электроэнергию в америке, вызвало волну банкротств и консолидаций среди генераторов... на этом фоне идут льготные кредиты под тематику зерокарбона для атомных станций.
Так держать звезднополосатые, скоро у них вобще вся энергетика будет субсидироваться, ну собственно в конце статьи об этом "эксперд" и говорит:
"Subsidized/mandated renewables will continue to eat into the market share," Gulen said, but added that "the vicious cycle of subsidies may lead to more nuclear and even some coal units to be subsidized."
Рыночная экономика, бгг.

Тем временем румынский трансгаз продолжает борьбу за выкуп молдавского вестмолдтрансгаза...тут больше геополитики, чем экономики.

Статейка как еврокомиссары завязывают системный резерв на торговлю квотами выбросов, интересная история - думаю нас рано или поздно ждет тоже самое.

Ну и опять румынский трансгаз получил 50 миллионов евро от европейского банка в рамках 500 миллионоеврового проекта по развязке газовых трубопроводов. 
Прямой грант от самого ЕС в проект 170 миллионов. Газопровод Bulgaria to Austria via Romania and Hungary (BRUA).

Советую посмотреть общий план - Connecting Europe Facility, впечатляет.


 20171218 Transgaz

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 20171218 EIB

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 20171218 EIB offers Transgaz 50 million euro in lei, first loan in national currency

Ист.: Energynomics

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is providing the first loan to a corporate in Romania that can be disbursed in local currency, as the equivalent of EUR 50 million will be granted to Transgaz, Romania’s gas transmission company. As with the first EUR 50 million loan tranche signed in October 2017, the EIB funds will finance the construction of a new E...
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 20171218 The case for additional actions within the EU ETS has just become stronger

Ист.: EnergyPostEU

It is sometimes thought that total emissions in the EU ETS (Emission Trading System) are equal to the cap, and so any additional actions, such as phase-out of coal power, increasing energy efficiency and deploying more renewables, have no effect. But this is not true, writes climate change economist Adam Whitmore. Indeed, according to Whitmore, recently agre...
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Ист.: EnergyObserver

The Ministry of Economy continues to support Transgaz’s takeover of Moldova’s Vestmoldtransgaz gas operator, and the vote in the company’s general meeting on Tuesday reflects only the denial of an accounting artifice, as the only competent authority to take such a measure is the Board of Directors. Transgaz tried to obtain participation in the priv...
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 20171218 Policy, fundamentals to challenge US independent power producers in 2018

Ист.: Platts

Stagnant US electricity demand, lower commodity prices, policy interventions, and continued improvements in renewable energy costs and technologies may increase risks for independent power producers in 2018, which some industry observers say may result in more sector consolidation. "In general, IPPs will face a challenging 2018 due to persistently low com...
Мета: US, Manan Ahuja, PIRA Energy, S&P Global Platts, University of Texas Energy Institute, NRG Energy, GenOn, Dynegy, Vistra Energy, Robert Flexon, The Public Utility Commission of Texas, Project to Assess Price-Formation Rules in ERCOT, Темы: Энергетика,

 20171218 Chinas Nio takes on Tesla with a car half the price of Model X

Ист.: CNBC

NIO founder: For sure, Tesla is our rival NIO founder: For sure, Tesla is our rival 1 Hour Ago | 01:27 China"s electric vehicle start-up Nio launched its first mass-produced model over the weekend, in a home market marked by competition with companies such as Tesla. The ES8, which starts at 448,000 Chinese yuan ($67,765) is half the starting price ...
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