Bulletin #6 20171220

#Китайцы запустили "карбоновый маркет".
China's power sector generates 65% of its electricity from coal and accounts for more than 3.5 gigatonnes (GT) of annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, so this new cap is almost double the European Union's carbon market, and ten times the size of California's cap and trade system.
т.е. самый большой в мире.
Пока только генераторы, но явно замахиваются на всю supply chain.

Уверен у нас в около ВШЭ уже обсуждают,
как бы по ловчее собезьяничать. 
Очередная кормушка может получится даже интересней совета рынка.

#Из отчета платтс - на ветряки уходит десятки миллионов тонн стали
интересно а они энергии вырабатывают чтобы ее произвести?

Ну ладно это на самом деле никого не волнует.
Схема простая - понаставить побыстрее. А потом давить штрафами тех 
на чьих мощностях она делалась.

#подробная статья как транснацики мутят 
на торговле виртуальной и не очень зеленой энергией, цитата:
...in October 2017, Microsoft signed a 15-year PPA with GE for a 37 MW wind farm in County Kerry, including an agreement with a Dublin-based energy trading company...


 20171220 How to ensure that corporate buying of renewable energy really makes a difference

Ист.: EnergyPostEU

There are many ways in which companies can source renewable energy, but they boil down to three options. First, companies can produce and consume heat or electricity themselves. Second, they can buy green electricity products in the retail market. The energy provider proves that its energy is green by means of guarantees of origin (GOs), which can come...
Мета: RE100, Темы: Энергетика, Транснацики,

 20171220 Steel for windpower: a burgeoning market

Ист.: Platts

Offshore wind is “on a high” with costs having fallen by around 50% since 2015, the Global Wind Energy Council said in its Wind Energy Outlook 2016: Wind Power to Dominate Power Sector Growth document. GWEC outlines scenarios where wind, offshore and onshore, could supply 20% of global electricity by 2030, generating 2,110 GW, creating 2.4 million new...
Мета: Global Wind Energy Council, Paris Agreement, Steve Sawyer, Orsted, Dong Energy, Peter Bachmann, Scottish Equity Partners, Mines and Money conference, Темы: Энергетика,

 20171220 The China Carbon Market Just Launched, And It"s The World"s Largest. Here"s How It Can Succeed.

Ист.: Forbes Energy

On Tuesday, December 19, China formally launched its national carbon market. By setting a carbon price on the country"s largest greenhouse-gas emitters, China has launched a new, crucial endeavor in its efforts to tackle pollution and climate change . While the first phase of the market only covers power generation, this step will still have major climate...
Мета: China, national carbon market, carbon, Paris Agreement, Northeast U.S. Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Темы: Энергетика,

 20171220 Commentary: Bringing electricity to all corners of Southeast Asia

Ист.: International Energy Agency

Providing electricity access for all remains a critical topic in many parts of the developing world. The challenge is especially acute in Southeast Asia, one of the most dynamic regions of the global energy system, but whose rich and varied environment defies one-size-fits-all energy solutions. Thanks to growing economies and burgeoning and urbanising mid...
Мета: Southeast Asia, island, Темы: Энергетика,