Bulletin #8 20171223

# японцы решили закрыть два реактора в Токио вместо ремонта.
на самом деле все яйца в одной корзине даже атомной штука опасная - (посматриваю на EDF)

# электромобили потянут за собой новую индустрию восстановления "батарей".
...German Renewable Energy Federation (Bundesverband Erneubare Energie e.V., BEE) projects a potential cumulative capacity availability of second use batteries of 230GWh by 2025 increasing by more than four times to 1,000GWh by 2030. This is based on a battery size of 40kWh, a repurpose rate of 80% and a replacement timescale of 7 years, ...
Планируют из них делать "хранилища" для узлов смарт грида. Хмм... все впрок.

# IEA после того как официально снюхались с китайским аналогом "минэконоразв" начинают "комментировать"
Интересный материал по отоплению. Рекомендую.
Сейчас у них - Coal CHP - 48%, Coal boilers - 33% :) экономическое чудо, бгг. Как в СССР до войны примерно.

# Описание смартгрид проекта Сименса в Канаде (запустили в 2002) 
...A demonstration of the power of the partnership at work was a winter peak demand reduction trial conducted in winter 2016. NB Power, together with Siemens and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), installed digital devices, including smart thermostats, in 600 New Brunswick homes. NB Power sent commands to the devices in homes of participating customers ahead of peak events, typically on the coldest mornings in January and February, when heating loads spike....
600 удаленно управляемых термостатов, OpenADR протокол, крутяк.

# В скотландии запустили фонд на 100 миллионов резанной под "лоукарбон" проекты. Они в кассу этой тематики под оффшорные ветряки...

Ну и по мелочи проекты ньюйорка в энергетике:


 20171223 Brent Staeben

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 20171223 Scotland goes big on renewables and low carbon innovation with a new $107 million fund

Ист.: CNBC

It"s famous for its oil fields, but this country just doubled down on renewables and low carbon innovation. The Scottish government has published its first energy strategy, which includes plans for a £20 million ($26.75 million) energy investment fund and a £60 million low carbon innovation fund. In an announcement Wednesday, Scottish authorities sai...
Мета: Scotland, Gina Hanrahan, Europe, Темы: Энергетика,

 20171223 New Brunswick becomes a smart grid innovation hub

Ист.: Siemens

In July 2012, utility NB Power, in New Brunswick, and Siemens launched a partnership based on a ten-year smart grid roadmap. At the halfway mark, Siemens customer magazine checks in with NB Power for an update. Five years ago, NB Power and Siemens announced a joint effort to test and deploy real-world smart grid solutions. NB Power, the primary electrical...
Мета: NB Power, Siemens, ational Research Council of Canada, Keith Cronkhite, Brent Staeben, Smart Grid Innovation Network, University of New Brunswick, OpenADR, Southern California Gas Company, Tucson Electric Power, Reforming the Energy Vision, Темы: Энергетика,

 20171223 Commentary: Heating Chinese cities while enhancing air quality

Ист.: International Energy Agency

China’s district heat network – which supplies heat from central locations – is the world’s largest: in 2015, it consumed more energy than all of the United Kingdom. But district heating is also major source of air pollution in many Chinese cities. The beginning of the winter season usually coincides with a surge in air pollution, mostly due to coal-...
Мета: China, coal, National Development and Reform Commission, CHP, European Union, Темы: Энергетика,

 20171223 Can you recycle or re-use EV batteries?

Ист.: Engerati

The question of what to do with old electric vehicle (EV) batteries when the owner decides to upgrade to a newer higher capacity battery or at the end of the vehicle life cycle, typically at 5-8 years of age, has been exercising minds in the industry. And it is more than academic. A study for the German Renewable Energy Federation (Bundesverband Erneubare...
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 20171223 Kansai Electric decides to scrap 2 reactors in central Japan due to upgrading costs

Ист.: Xinhua

Kansai Electric decides to scrap 2 reactors in central Japan due to upgrading costs Source: Xinhua| 2017-12-22 17:39:26|Editor: Jiaxin TOKYO, Dec. 22 (Xinhua) -- Kansai Electric Power Co. on Friday decided to decommission two aging reactors at its Oi power plant in Fukui Prefecture, central Japan. The 1,175 megawatt reactors, which are approaching 40 ...
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