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 20171108 World’s energy leaders gather for the IEA’s 2017 Ministerial Meeting

Ист.: International Energy Agency

Ministers and top government officials from the IEA’s 29 member countries, seven Association countries and other partners, as well as more than 30 CEOs from energy industry met in Paris on 7-8 November 2017 (Photograph: Andrew Wheeler, IEA) Ministers and top government officials from the International Energy Agency’s 29 member countries, sev...
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 20171109 Commentary: Renewable energy offers cost-effective options to cut carbon emissions from industry

Ист.: International Energy Agency

Reducing long-term greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the industry sector is one of the toughest challenges of the energy transition. Combustion and process emissions from cement manufacturing, iron- and steelmaking, and chemical production are particularly problematic. But there are a variety of current and future options to increase the uptake of renewab...
Мета: long-term greenhouse gas, GHG, IEA, Темы: Энергетика,

 20171129 Energy statistics training in Mexico city

Ист.: International Energy Agency

As part on the continued support the IEA is offering to Mexico, the IEA statistics team ran an energy statistics training workshop in Mexico city from 21-24 November 2017. The workshop brought together 40 staff from across various government ministries and the energy sector in Mexico city and covered all aspects of energy statistics: data collection, data va...
Мета: IEA, Mexico, energy regulators (CNH and CRE), system operators (CENAGAS and CENACE), national statistical institution (INEGI), Темы: Энергетика, Социум,

 20171130 Move Over, Tesla: China Holds The Keys To Electric Vehicles

Ист.: Forbes Energy

Earlier this month, I shared with you a quote from Arnoud Balhuizen, chief commercial officer of BHP Billiton, the largest mining company in the world. In a September interview with Reuters, Balhuizen called 2017 the “revolution year [for electric vehicles], and copper is the metal of the future.” Balhuizen’s assessment couldn’t ...
Мета: Arnoud Balhuizen, BHP Billiton, China, New Energy Finance, Volvo Cars, Great Wall Motors, BMW, IEA, International Council on Clean Transportation, ICCT, Темы: Энергетика, Социум,

 20171205 The IEA Energy Efficiency Indicators Database

Ист.: International Energy Agency

Having reliable data and indicators on how energy is used is key to informing and monitoring the effectiveness of energy efficiency policies. Highlighting the importance of such data, the IEA has for the first time published an Energy Efficiency Indicators database with annual data from 2000 to 2015. The database covers end use energy consumption for 8 en...
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 20171212 Commentary: Unlocking energy savings from buildings

Ист.: International Energy Agency

The past decade has seen major changes across the energy sector, from the emergence of solar PV or shale oil and gas to electric vehicles and high-efficiency lighting. But one sector has seen very little change. The building sector represents about 30% of global final energy use, and its energy-savings potential is massive. For now, however, it represents...
Мета: Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction, GABC, IEA, Paris Agreement, Темы: Энергетика,

 20171212 Renewables in Africa are losing ground: a proposal for a practical climate finance instrument

Ист.: EnergyObserver

f the One Planet Summit in Paris on 12 December is to meet its expectations, it must lead to a new cost- and carbon-efficient instrument to support decentralised renewable electricity generation across Africa, writes Terje Osmundsen, Courtesy Energi og Klima blog. Although President Emmanuel Macron has chosen to name his climate event this week “One...
Мета: One Planet Summit, Africa, Emmanuel Macron, Bloomberg, Sustainable Development Goals, IEA, TCAF-team, Темы: Энергетика, Транснацики,

 20171216 Commentary: Changing utility business models and electricity investment in Europe

Ист.: International Energy Agency

The following commentary was written by IEA Energy Investment Analysts Michael Waldron and Yoko Nobuoka. The traditional utility business model of selling electricity from large-scale thermal power plants and expanding grids to meet rising demand historically has supported strong balance sheets. With this financial strength, utility retained earnings serv...
Мета: IEA, Michael Waldron, Yoko Nobuoka, European Union, Темы: Энергетика, Транснацики,

 20180111 Commentary: The clean energy transition requires action on electricity demand

Ист.: International Energy Agency

As a fundamental rule, electricity supply and demand must be balanced at all times. Traditionally, this has been achieved by adjusting electricity supply to match demand that varies at different times of the day. But this poses a problem as the share of power generation from variable renewables such as wind and solar PV rises. Demand-side response is one of ...
Мета: Demand-side response, IEA, World Energy Outlook 2017, Темы: Энергетика, Будущее,