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 20171213 After Bonn, 5 things to watch for in the coming year of global climate policy

Ист.: EnergyPostEU

Five things that should have happened at the recent climate conference in Bonn, didn’t happen, write Marc Hudson and Matthew Paterson of the University of Manchester. But there is life beyond the UNFCCC process. They identify five things to watch for in climate policy in the coming year – if it isn’t too late already to save the world fr...
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 20180109 On Course To Miss 2020 Climate Targets, Germany Opts To Scrap Them

Ист.: Forbes Energy

In November, as delegates from all over the world gathered in the former German capital of Bonn for the annual UN climate summit, their hosts were feeling a bit embarrassed. Germany likes to champion itself as a climate leader. But when delivering her headline speech to the summit, Chancellor Angela Merkel was unable to make any new climate commitments. T...
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