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 20171214 Oil and gas sector must adapt now to rising cybersecurity threat

Ист.: ErnstYoung

Sixty percent of oil and gas organizations have experienced a recent significant cybersecurity incident, up from 41% last year, according to the latest EY Oil and Gas Global Information Security Survey 2017-18 (GISS), Cybersecurity regained: preparing to face cyber attacks. Yet only 17% feel assured they would have the means to detect a sophisticated cyber a...
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 20171214 Nokia opens its library of use cases to comment on how utilities are managing transformation.

Ист.: Engerati

“The utility business model is broken,” says Todd Nate, Global VP, Energy Programmes at Nokia. “Utilities used to have 15 to 20 years of clarity with their business model. At Nokia, we believe that number is down to a three-to-five-year visibility.” Speaking in a video interview at European Utility Week 2017, Nate said the result i...
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 20180106 Cybersecurity – an IT or leadership challenge?

Ист.: Engerati

As utilities digitalise more and more, their cybersecurity defences become ever more important. While nothing on the scale of the successive attacks on the power grid in Ukraine has been reported in the sector over the past year, the threat is ever present. Last September, Symantec attributed the upsurge in activities targeting the power sectors in Eur...
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 20180111 Monetization of data among key trends in Internet of Things in 2018

Ист.: ErnstYoung

Monetization of data collected from networked IoT devices, convergence of multiple disruptive technologies and standards, and network edge processing are among the key trends for 2018 according to the EY IoT Competence Center, a global team of IoT professionals. The IoT industry has grown considerably over the recent years; however, it remains an area that v...
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