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Gerard Reid has over two decades’ experience in equity research and fund management in the energy area. He is also a leading energy expert and lecturer, author and monthly columnist for BIZZ energy today, the German energy industry publication. Prior to founding Alexa Capital, he was Managing Director and Head of European Cleantech Research at the US investment bank Jefferies & Co. Before joining Jefferies, Gerard managed a renewable energy fund. He has broad relationships across the institutional and private investor communities as well as amongst government policy makers, utilities and technology providers to the energy area. Gerard has been teaching in the university in Berlin for the last decade. Gerard holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree as well as a Higher Diploma in Education from Trinity College Dublin. Gerard Wynn has two decade’s experience in energy, climate change, the environment and economics. In 2014, Gerard founded the consultancy GWG Energy, providing communications and analysis services in the fields of energy and climate change. Gerard also writes op-eds and analysis for a range of media outlets, including ChinaDialogue and Responding to Climate Change. Previously, Gerard worked for a decade as a reporter, columnist and analyst at Reuters News Agency, where he helped lead energy and climate coverage. Prior to that, he worked as a researcher in environmental and land use policy at the James Hutton Research Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland. Gerard holds a PhD in environmental economics from Aberdeen University (2002), and a Masters in Agricultural Economics from Imperial College at Wye (1997). Javier works as an independent energy analyst specializing in the confluence of energy and mobility. In his capacity as a trusted analyst and consultant, Javier has helped cleantech companies enter and succeed in complex and intensely competitive markets worldwide. He has authored multiple studies for energy think tanks and renewable energy
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 20171217 Why the future of batteries is lithium and why their impact will be bigger than you think

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he tremendous advances being made in lithium battery technology are being underestimated by many people, writes financial energy specialist Gerard Reid. Competitive EVs are just a few years away. They will be followed by radical improvements that will have huge implications for air and ship transport as well. Courtesy Energy and Carbon blog. I constantly ...
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