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The ENTROPY project aims to design and deploy an innovative IT ecosystem targeting at improving energy efficiency through consumers understanding, engagement and behavioural changes. The focus is given on the collection of energy-related information from heterogeneous data sources, the proper analysis of the available data and the provision of interactive services, applications and serious games to end users for stimulating their interest for energy efficient activities, recommending actions for adopting more energy efficient lifestyles and increasing their overall energy consumption awareness.
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 20180111 Bringing behavioural change to energy efficiency

Ист.: Engerati

Engaging consumers with their energy use and encouraging them to become more sustainable has long been a challenge, mostly utilising data from smart meters and appliance disaggregation or energy savings tips. But the ENTROPY project is a little different. Taking advantage of developments towards an Internet of Things (IoT), the EU Horizon 2020 supported i...
Мета: ENTROPY, Internet of Things, EU Horizon 2020, Fernando Terroso-Saenz, Navacchio Technology Park, Italy, Technopole research centre in Sierre, Темы: Энергетика,