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Alexander Temerko is a prominent Ukrainian-born British businessman in the energy sector, currently a director of the UK company Aquind Limited, which is responsible for building a power link between the UK and France.[1] Previously, he was director and Deputy Chairman of the UK-based company OGN Group.[2] In 2011 Temerko received British citizenship.[3] He was a senior executive at the Russian company Yukos, becoming vice president in 2003 after the arrest of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. He left this post in 2005.[4][5] The circumstances of Yukos’ collapse provoked strong international censure of the Russian government, as did the prosecution of its senior executives, including Khodorkovsky, Platon Lebedev, and Temerko himself, who was charged with a fraud committed in 2002 and with perverting the course of justice.[6]

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 20180116 Our friends electric: interconnection and Brexit

Ист.: Financial Times - UK

When French president Emmanuel Macron holds talks with UK prime minister Theresa May on Thursday, the future of Anglo-French trade after Brexit will be high on the agenda. To most people, that conjures images of boats and trains ferrying physical goods across the English Channel. Less obvious, but arguably just as important, are the electrons transmitted ...
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