launch of the public consultation on the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework


To enhance the openness and transparency of the EU decision-making process, the European Commission regularly consults citizens and other groups with an interest in EU policies through public consultations and structured dialogues. During 2018, the Commission will make comprehensive proposals for the next generation of financial programmes for the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework, the EU"s long–term budget. The Commission"s proposals will be designed to make it possible for the EU to deliver on the things that matter most, in areas where it can achieve more than countries acting alone. This requires a careful assessment both of what has worked well in the past and what could be improved in the future. In order to collect the views of all interested parties on the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework, public consultations on several policy areas have been launched. Several of these fields are especially relevant to energy, most notably the consultations on infrastructure, research and innovation, cohesion policy and security. If you wish to participate, please follow these links, where you will be able to elaborate on your views, including by uploading a position paper in the respective section of the questionnaire. Strategic Infrastructure Investment, Research and Innovation, SMEs and Single Market Cohesion Security Migration Values and Mobility.

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 20180116 Europe to reach off-grid energy parity up to 20 years ahead of the US


urope set to hit off-grid parity by 2022; some US states could take until 2042 Electric vehicles to become a mainstream option by 2025 across all markets US$67b annually at risk from distributed solar generation in Europe by 2050 It is estimated that it will cost the same to self-generate and store power as it will to buy from an energy provider...
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The total value of funds under this tendering procedure was EUR 10 million. Wind farms dominated the list of selected projects. In total 240 applications were submitted with the installed capacity of 195 MW while 93 projects were selected, with an installed capacity of 98 MW. The next tender will be issued by the Agency in February 2018. Public invitat...
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 20180119 By 2030, the transport sector will require 138 million fewer cars in Europe and the US


ehicle stock in China expected to increase by almost 50% In 2030, more than one in three kilometres driven will be ‘shared’ 40% of the mileage driven could be done in autonomous vehicles in 2030 Personal mileage could rise by 23% in Europe, 24% in the US and 183% in China 55% of cars set to be electric in 2030 The automotive market...
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 20171207 Europe – the challenges for flexibility


No-one is any doubt of the need for flexibility to manage a future network built on variable renewable generation, prosumers and electric vehicles. But how do the various players – utilities, aggregators and consumers – play together in what in an uncertain landscape? Clean Energy Package In Europe, it is early days and the ‘rules ...
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 20171210 Poland may be ready for energy turnaround


The Polish conservative government has been trying (and failing) to bail out coal, and maintain energy independence, writes journalist Michał Olszewski. But according to Olszewski, these expensive and polluting practices could be coming to an end. Slowly but surely, the energy transition emerges in Poland. Courtesy Energy Transition – the Global E...
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 20171010 China: dena certifies six new energy-efficient buildings


Pilot projects for energy efficiency in nurseries, office buildings and residential buildings / 70 per cent lower energy consumption than in comparable new buildings The German Energy Agency (dena) has certified six new building projects in China with the highest energy efficiency class A. The buildings consume around 70 per cent less energy than the aver...
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 20171103 Every bit counts – Toward an electrified planet


Every bit counts – Toward an electrified planet Since the 2015 G7 summit in Elmau in southern Germany, the world has focused on a common goal: to turn away from fossil energy in favor of electricity as a universal energy source, with the ambition of achieving complete decarbonization by the year 2100. This presents all economies with tremendous chall...
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