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 20171213 New York assists with Puerto Rico power grid rebuild plan

Ист.: Platts

New York (Platts)--12 Dec 2017 654 pm EST/2354 GMT A wide-ranging stakeholder group came out with a $17.6 billion plan Tuesday to rebuild and modernize Puerto Rico"s power grid after it was devastated by recent hurricanes that involves a shift away from liquid fuels toward gas and renewable energy. "I applaud the actions of the Puerto Rico Energy Resil...
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 20171213 World Bank Group will stop financing upstream oil and gas after 2019

Ист.: CNBC

53672531 Keith Wood | Stone | Getty Images The World Bank Group will cease to finance upstream oil and gas after 2019, it was announced Tuesday. The global financial institution said at the One Planet Summit in Paris that its decision would "align its support to countries to meet their Paris goals." In exceptional circumstances, consideration would...
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 20171213 US power system specialists have started investigating alternatives for power system time synchronisation.

Ист.: Engerati

An increasing number of smart grid applications are time critical, requiring a real-time response. Currently, synchronised time is distributed across the power systems via the Global Positioning System (GPS). However, GPS is vulnerable to short and long term outages and intentional or unintentional interference and power system experts in the US at least ...
Мета: US National Institute of Standards and Technology, Темы: Война,

 20171212 How To Dodge The Fake News Amid Energy Headlines

Ист.: Forbes Energy

The internet is to public discourse what pamphleteering was in the 18th century: an outlet for opinions that require minimal input. Using a search engine allows a pundit to find support for almost any opinion, which is very useful if you’re trying to win an argument as opposed to get to the truth. In this post, I will show how easy it is to find diame...
Мета: The Financial Times, Bloomberg, Germany, Fatih Birol, Темы: Энергетика, Война,