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 20171215 OMR: Happy New Year?

Ист.: International Energy Agency

This week’s closure of the Forties pipeline network that carries about 400 kb/d of North Sea oil added momentum to Brent crude oil prices that have settled above $60/bbl since the end of October. For the time being, in response to the Forties pipeline incident, we have reduced our estimate for UK production in December by 300 kb/d, and we will revisit...
Мета: oil, OPEC, Energy Information Administration, Темы: Энергетика, Война, Будущее,

 20171215 Oslo2Rome - putting blockchain to the test

Ист.: Engerati

As blockchain develops, it is the real word applications that will drive the technology forward and determine its suitability for wider implementation. And in the energy sector the participation of utilities in such initiatives is crucial, given their key role in the future energy system. Oslo2Rome by EV To put blockchain to the test, the Oslo2Rome in...
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 20171215 Utility finances: the real cost of renewables - WEMO report

Ист.: Engerati

he growth of renewables in Europe continues to destabilise the wholesale electricity markets and key players. This is a headline finding from Capgemini’s new study - the World Energy Markets Observatory 2017 - and will not be news to European utilities. In 2016, European Union member states brought online more than 21GW of renewable power capaci...
Мета: Capgemini, World Energy Markets Observatory 2017, European Union, Montalto di Castro, Colette Lewiner, EDF, SSE, EnBW, Engie, E.ON, Juniper, Utilities to Energy Services, Perry Stoneman, I4CE, Темы: Энергетика, Транснацики, Война, Будущее,

 20171215 EU reaches agreement against climate change

Ист.: Xinhua

uropean Council President Donald Tusk arrives at EU headquarters prior to an EU Summit in Brussels, Belgium, Dec. 14, 2017. (Xinhua/Ye Pingfan) BRUSSELS, Dec. 14 (Xinhua) -- The European Parliament and the European Council on Thursday reached a provisional agreement on accounting of emissions from land use, land use change and forestry (LULUCF). Accord...
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 20171214 Ukraine: energy transition could work wonders, but policies are “the least ambitious in the world”

Ист.: EnergyPostEU

Ukraine can reduce its energy dependence and build a strong economy on clean and safe renewable energy, a new study shows. Unfortunately, the latest Energy Strategy adopted by the government in August shows a complete lack of ambition to pursue a low-carbon transition. Ukraine’s “nationally determined contribution” under the Paris Agreemen...
Мета: Ukraine, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Connie Hedegaard, Темы: Энергетика, Война, Будущее,