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 20171217 The DSO as market facilitator

Ист.: Engerati

The move towards a decentralised and digitalised energy system is bringing changes across the market and especially to the distribution system operators (DSOs) as the interface with consumers. With the recognition in the Clean Energy Package of these changes to DSOs, their new roles have been formalised as essentially two-fold. One the traditional role o...
Мета: Clean Energy Package, Luis Vale Cunha, EDP Distribuição, blockchain, Темы: Энергетика, Будущее,

 20171216 The potential for Blockchain Technology in the energy sector

Ист.: World Energy Consul

The Council has produced a new white paper on the developing role of blockchain, drawing from interviews with companies and organisations actively involved in blockchain projects in the energy industry from the US, Europe, China, Japan and New Zealand. The paper developed in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) looks at the potential of blockch...
Мета: blockchain, World Energy Issues Map, Christoph Frei, World Energy Council, Norbert Schwieters, PWC, Темы: Энергетика, Будущее,

 20171216 Utility asset investment planning case study: Northern Gas Networks

Ист.: Engerati

UK gas distribution company Northern Gas Networks serves 2.7m customers and invests an estimated £300m in assets each year on its network comprising 37,000km of pipes. In a recent Engerati webinar on utility asset investment planning, Head of Asset Strategy Greg Dodd explains that in such a highly regulated sector, the ongoing challenge for Northern Ga...
Мета: UK, gas, Northern Gas Networks, Greg Dodd, Copperleaf, University of Southampton, Темы: Энергетика, Будущее,

 20171215 Fancy having your own power plant? “Fuel cell micro-cogeneration is market-ready”

Ист.: EnergyPostEU

More than 1,000 fuel cell micro-cogeneration units have been installed in homes and business in ten countries over the last several years by the ene.field project. Its successor, the PACE project, aims at bringing costs further down, although manufacturers and users say the technology is market-ready. “I thought it would be nice to have my own power...
Мета: Jochen Steneberg, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, Callux, KfW433, Heating and Cooling Strategy, SOLIDpower Group, Темы: Энергетика, Будущее,

 20171215 OMR: Happy New Year?

Ист.: International Energy Agency

This week’s closure of the Forties pipeline network that carries about 400 kb/d of North Sea oil added momentum to Brent crude oil prices that have settled above $60/bbl since the end of October. For the time being, in response to the Forties pipeline incident, we have reduced our estimate for UK production in December by 300 kb/d, and we will revisit...
Мета: oil, OPEC, Energy Information Administration, Темы: Энергетика, Война, Будущее,